Vishal Rose Nursery Blog Latest Products Mon, 20 May 2024 01:13:52 +0530 en-us Mistakes to avoid when growing Red dragon fruit plant at home Thu, 12 May 2022 16:06:34 +0530 Red Dragon fruit is an exotic cactus based fruit that is mainly found in Asia and southern parts of America. It is a large, thick, tasty fruit. However, red dragon fruit is used to make ice creams, jams, fruit juice and wine. It is sweet and flaky texture. The red dragon fruit plant is rich in antioxidants that play a vital role in reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes. However, these red dragon fruit plants can be grown easily, but some mistakes need to be avoided.    Pot Size It is amongst the most common mistake that people tend to make when growing a red dragon fruit plant at home. Dragon fruit takes time to grow like 5 to 6 years and if you are looking to grow a Red dragon fruit plant at home you require a huge pot of about 20 gallons to help the plant grow in the right way. You can opt for terracotta pots that are wider and longer for more aesthetic appeal. They also help drain excess water from the plant and ensure that the Red dragon fruit plant is growing properly.   Having a large size pot will allow the roots to grow naturally and you need not have to report the plant once it starts to grow in size.    Overwatering Another common mistake people make when growing any plants at home is overwatering. The red dragon fruit plant is a tropical cactus and requires less water than the average vegetation. If you overwater the plant the roots will start to rot and the stem will also begin to plop. You must make sure that the plant has adequate water but not too much to help it grow properly. Having a larger size pot with tons of soil will help regulate the water quantity of the plant.     Pruning Pruning is vital for growing plants, especially plants like the Red dragon fruit plant. You must prune shears to help the dragon fruit plant grow upwards towards the sun. Shears are energy suckers, and it is vital to remove them for healthy Red dragon fruit plant growth. However, you need to be careful when pruning the plant you do not want to take off the main stem rather you can plant these cutting in other pots to get a new Red dragon fruit plant for your home. Due to rich in nutrients, these are highly demanded to Red Dragon Fruit Plant Manufacturer.   However, red dragon fruit is rich in nutrition and also fights against chronic diseases. These red dragon fruits are rich in fibre and can be helpful for the treatment of diabetes. Therefore, the red dragon fruit plant is a tropical fruit and has health benefits. So, above are some of the mistakes that need to be avoided while growing red dragon fruit. It increases immunity to fight against different types of infections and viruses. It is also considered good for digestion and good for the heart. It helps fight skin acne due to the presence of antioxidants. So always be careful while growing red dragon fruit. However, the red dragon fruit should be ripe before eating and being low-calorie fruit contains less sugar Everything You Need To Know For Taking A Proper Care of Bougainvillea Plant Thu, 21 Jul 2022 17:10:33 +0530 A beautiful garden full of plants and flowers adds a charming touch to anyone’s home. But it takes a lot of effort and care to nurture those plants and flowers in the garden if you want them to bloom. While many opt for sunflower, rose and lilies, one of the most appealing and low-maintenance spring plants is the bougainvillea. It has huge and thin roots and doesn’t like to have them disturbed regularly. Once the flowers bloom, they beautifully add a colourful look to your place, offering a pleasant vibe. The typical pink, purple, red, orange, peach, white, yellow, and double-colour varieties are among the bract’s tones.   Here are some of the essential tips for proper care of Bougainvillea Plants-    Exposure of sunlight  Sunlight is the most crucial factor that helps this plant grow to its fullest as Bougainvillea loves the sun and blooms the best when offered a heated environment. They require at least six to eight hours of sunlight each day to produce their showstopping flowers in vibrant colours. It will not thrive properly in shady areas. So, always place it in a sunny location to get the brighter blooming.    Optimum watering  Bougainvilleas are pretty drought tolerant and don’t need a great deal for frequent waterings. It is always a great idea to water deeply whenever the topsoil goes dry, rather than shallow watering them regularly. In winter, when they go inactive, watering them once a week is enough. Do not ever overwater them as it may result in fewer blooms and even lead to rot roots.    Choose the right soil Bougainvillea plants do well in most types of soil as they are drought-resistant. All you need to consider is to choose well-draining soil as they have thin roots. You must avoid using soil that has a high water-retaining competency such as peat moss as it causes root rot.    Use suitable fertiliser  Regular fertilizing helps bougainvillea to remain healthy and bloom in abundance. Use a balanced water-soluble fertilizer made for bougainvillaea, and dilute it at half-strength once in 4-5 weeks. Always ensure that the fertilizer has a complete content of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to ensure plentiful flowers and avoid nutritional deficiency.    Timely pruning  Bougainvillea plants are vigorous growers, going bushy and invasive in no time. Pruning them a little after each flowering cycle stimulated new growth and kept their shape in check. Pruning is extremely beneficial for training a plant and to remove old, neglected branches.    Also, do not cut off the tips, as flowers appear on them, and you will end up causing more harm than good. With so many online and offline Bougainvillea plant suppliers to choose from, it can be tough to know which is the best supplier to buy plants for your nursery or home garden. Most garden plant suppliers have struggled to keep up with demand and your effort to buy your favourite plant can feel like a fruitless quest. Choose a leading Bougainvillea Plant Supplier Pune where you can find the best quality and fresh plants with necessary gardening tools that are delivered to your doorsteps.    Some of the crucial aspects to be considered by a Bougainvillea plant supplier Pune to maintain their market share-  Their plants should be finely finished and are grown organically to give quality products.  Their plants should be effectively checked for quality standards before delivering them to the customers.  They should also assure for replacement of plants as per the requirement of customers at competitive prices.  They should have a team that has precise knowledge of the industry and is offering the best quality products to the customers. They should have a qualified team that provides optimum quality plants at reasonable prices. Bougainvillea plants are better suited to hot and dry climates, hence they should be planted just after the onset of summer so that it gets enough time to nurture and grow till it blooms in brilliant colours.